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Thursday, 6 October 2011

a RARE find, probably from the mid century, FRASER GIELEN welcome!!!


is it metal, is it synth pop hip hop garage band?

its FRASER GIELEN , a tender lad. he has promised the world more music is on its way so we are going to start with his little sampling of that and then move onto SUMMER SONGS which i can only imagine are .... SUMMER SONGS!!


a tender guitar, mumbles away sincerely about something it wants you to know about..
..a gentle voice
its a bit of a sing along!!

Stayin in the DEEP END!!


little hairs on my arms stand up as that small boys choir joined us in the deep end.

something cacophonic in the background joins them..

this is a CAMP FIRE where your feet are just close enough , to keep them warm as the laughter continues, then later, you realize your SHOES ARE MELTED, haha.

a mumbly and tender poet tells us his feelings

stayin in the deep end.

Stuff like this really gets my bucket in a tucket. so few words, very minimal texture... instead of chasing you with NOVEL IDEAS it presents just an HONEST AND RARE view point, take it or leave it says MAESTRO FRASER GIELEN , take it or leave it, i'll be in the ..

deep end.

RATING - melted shoes are better for sliding around anyway. =>>>>>>>>>>>


you know how i feel about first songs on an album, theres something just so chronologically satisfying about just saying YES to NUMBER 1

again, we are hearing this nice warm bedroom sounding guitar. and a bit of back up from some very NATURAL PRO-CUSSION. what nice texture, like a REALLY CLEAR WINDOW this production lets us hear whats going on, no lies no lies

the poet talks of feelings..

"whats a guy to do, with his luck"

well i consider my luck pretty good for getting to listen to this MUSIC!!! with some FRIENDS through the internet.

crazy, we are living in the age of the JETSONS but still, this naturalistic music is always finding its way to me and out of the hearts of people musicians and poets alike.


many musicians talk about SPACE and using it. i find this lyrical delivery to be FANTASTIC . more words doesnt necessarily mean more to say... ahh good music, harmonies kick for a little at around 3:16 and its just the SWEETEST KISS

RATING - sadness or happiness i dont know , but this music makes me FEEL



ahhh we are blowin in the wind with this one boys!!

the bass goes for a bit of a walk and a harmonica gentle licks our lobes!! hahahahaa boys!

to me this is REAL folk music!!! I hear lots of people going out of their way to get some sort of vintage sound with lots of old machines and improved recording techniques, but the FOLKS are at the heart of FOLK , its about just making music! this is a genuine spirit recorded in our modern version of the wax cylinder

MUSICJUSTUS FACT - ''MP3'' actually stands for "Modernized Paraffin 3000"

i think what we learn by enjoying this music is to just be ourselves. you dont need a fancy book or hat all the time. life is NOT (always) a fancy hat party, but when it is, come to my spot because i have many fancy hats to give you. boat fulls.

RATING - this is such a NICE TRACK it needs a TRAIN on it!


this was just what i needed this afternoon.

for those of you wondering why this just got here, transmission time from where i live and your place ... time is a funny thing.

for those NEW TO THIS:

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  1. I like Fraser but where is he now? Does anybody know?